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Top tips for getting started with essential oils.

May 12, 2018

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5 Top Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter with Essential Oils

November 8, 2017



Don't you just hate it when the summer months seem a distant memory (certainly this year anyhow) and not only do we have to deal with the fact that life just seems a bit more miserable, we know we face the ever challenging battle of staying healthy while everyone around us seems to be ill!

With winter being the season we have to fight coughs, colds, flu, and sickness bugs in abundance, it’s a great time to think about how we can support ourselves to staying healthy.  There are a number of ways we can do this, and most of them can be enhanced by using essential oils and nutritional products.



1. Get enough sleep.


It’s so important to get enough sleep (8 hours a night is recommended), you might think that you need very little sleep but sleep is the way your body refuels. With too little of it, you’re more likely to skip the gym or making a healthy meal and by doing this you could be doing untold damage to your body and your mental health.  With the longer nights you might think that sleep would come more easily, but for so many of us, even if we are in bed sleep seem to evade us.
Essential oils are really powerful when it comes to helping us sleep – you may have tried lavender before (and it may not have worked – who knows how much actual lavender was in the oil hey?) Serenity Oils and Soft gels are cleverly combined to help get a good night sleep.  This blend of calming, soothing oils, including some to calm a racing mind, is fabulous applied to the feet before bed, and diffused overnight in the bedroom.  Combined with two soft gels taken 20 minutes before bed can help to combat sleep issues, giving you a g

reat night sleep without the groggy ‘sleeping pill haze’ in the morning.


2. Be active

It can be really hard to keep up with your active life (or get started) in the winter months, with the nights drawing in and the weather cold outside, it’s much more appealing to stay cosied up on the sofa.  And there is the addition of the Christmas parties that seem to come at us left right and centre.  Make a plan to ensure you can fit in your exercise.

Stick to your plan with the help of Motivate aromatherapy oil.  It is a blend of citrus oils and peppermint that has been specifically destined to help you fell the energy to not put things off any longer.  Adding it to the diffuser in the morning or when you get home from work (whatever time you want to do your exercise) will help to increase your chances.  And peppermint oil is known to increase athletic endurance by up to 25%!
3. Nutrition is important.

It’s often not easy for us to have a brilliant diet all the time, and even more difficult in the winter, where so much more of our food is being imported and loosing so much of its nutritional value on its journey.  We need to eat healthily as often as we can to ensure our body has the fuel it needs, not only to keep is active, but also to nourish every cell in the body.
Finding supplements that are packed full of bioavailable (which means the body recognises it) plant-based nutrients that are balanced to ensure you are getting the best nutrition you can is a really sensible way of increasing your nutrition.  Synthetic vitamins are not really that helpful as the body struggles to recognise the nutrition, and therefore wees most of it out!  doTERRA Life Long Vitality supplements are pretty special.   And if you want to give them a try, you get a 30-day money back guarantee on them if you don’t feel less pain or more energy in that time


4. Protect Against Cold and Flu Viruses

Did you know it is estimated that 1 million people die each year from lack of satisfactory hand hygiene?  On top of all the other tips, simply washing your hands regularly, will really help to keep you healthy. 
We all believe that we cannot treat a virus – or so the doctors tell us!  But there is a little-known fact that is sweeping across the world.  Some essential oils are able to help to fight off viruses and well as bacteria!  How cool is that?  Viral protection, naturally.
There is an abundance of essential oils that can be used to help fight off the pesky bugs and increase our immunity, Oregano, Melaleuca, Wild Orange for example, but the best way is to get yourself a blend of 100% pure and extremely potent oils that are combined for you.  Giving you an easy increased chance of staying healthy.  We use doTERRA On Guard every day – one drop on the bottom of your feet, to give you additional protection against all those bugs out there.  And if you diffuse it in your home, or in the office, you can reduce the environmental threats from other people’s bugs wafting around you.  

5. Take time to de-stress

We live hectic lives, we run around doing so much, working, looking after others, looking after the home, socialising.  How often do you spend time really taking time out to de-stress?  No TV, no music, no technology?  Probably not as much as you would like if you are anything like the rest of us!

This time of the year can be so busy if we don’t take time out to reset and destress life can become all too much.   And we know mental health has an impact on physical health.  Sometimes it is hard to take time out for meditation, yoga or mindfulness, and although these are fabulous and I would highly recommend trying to fit one of these into your life if you don’t yet, essential oils alone can help give us an instant calm.
With the natural potent aroma entering our nasal passages and going right into the limbic system, using the right oil can make us instantly feel different.  And there are so many to choose from.   A delicious oil to go to when you are feeling a bit low is Wild Orange.  When you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and maybe a bit angry Clary Calm is divine. 

Follow these simple steps and you will give yourself a better chance of staying healthy.  
If you want to know more about how these oils can change your life we are running an online class next Thursday 16th at 7.45.

Register using this link and you will receive an email with login details. You will be sent samples of oils to use during the class if registered by 13th November to allow for posting.

If you haven’t already done so, please join our Facebook group where we can answer lots of questions and help you find your natural health & wellbeing solutions



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