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We  are sisters, we are best friends and we love what we do.  With a diverse combination of previous jobs and experience we have passion and commitment when i comes to things we believe in.  That means, the essential oils, each other, our friends, you!

Eloise is the older one of the two of us, she is also the organised one.  A mum, a Reiki and Crystal healer and an all round lovely soul.  She has made the best decision to join The Tribe and to venture into the huge opportunities in the world of doTERRA, rather than going back to a highly paid stressful job.  As expected she brings enthusiasm, great ideas, direction and passion for the natural healing properties of the oils.  

My big sister, best friend and earth-side guardian angel all rolled into one.  And I am thoroughly enjoying her being such a huge part of our Essential Earth Tribe.



Annalie is the founder of Essential Earth Tribe and my little sister (not so little at 6”2’!). 

A mum of two, hypnobirthing instructor, baby massage teacher and breastfeeding consultant, she embraces everything she does with dedication, passion and a genuine desire to help and nurture.  Her enthusiasm about essential oils is contagious and everybody know that she always ‘has an oil for that’.

We have always shared similar values and interests and we are loving working together to spread the essential oil love!



The story of how Annalie came to doTERRA and ultimately Essential Earth Tribe is a bit of a long one, but basically she had a hypnobirthing client (the husband) who told her should look into the oils as they are safe to use in pregnancy.  It was a year later that she came across doTERRA at Mind Body Spirit festival in London, where she fell in love with the oils and decided that she wanted to incorporate them into her family life. (Oh and it turned out that the guy she was talking to on the doTERRA stand was the brother of her hypnobirthing client).

It was only after a lot of thought that she decided she needed to share these and so joined doTERRA with adding to her business firmly in mind.   Her journey began and the oils have made a massive positive impact on her life in both a personal and business capacity. 

Eloise also took a while to join doTERRA, although she was using the oils (sampled to her from her sister to start with) and then investing in a kit.  Having previously working in an high-flying role in her career, leaving that behind to embark on a network marketing was a big psychological leap.  Together they formed Essential Earth tribe so that they can build their tribe together, and give brilliant support to those who want to join the tribe too.