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Introduction to Essential oils

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Essential Oils for Kids

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Essential Oils in Pregnancy

Essential oils with Crystals & Chakras

Emotions & Essential oils 

Essential Wellness Summit - Northampton 10th June

Being run by doTERRA UK - this event is for anyone who is interested in finding out how to take control of their health and wellbeing.  

You can learn about the many ways in which essential oils can be used safely and effectively. This event is all about essential oils and the many variety of ways they can be used for our wellness. it is a day packed full of information from users of essential oils.


  • Smoothies with essential oils

  • Non-toxic Skincare work shop

  • Chocolate making with essential oils

  • Chakras & essential oils

  • Chemicals in the home

  • Hormone balance for men & women

  • Oils for men

  • All disease starts in the gut!

  • Reflexology & essential oils

  • Boosting your immunity with essential oils

  • Women’s health & essential oils

  • The Science behind essential oils

  • Essential oils & emotions

  • Essential oils & weight loss

  • DIY Beauty care & essential oils

  • Children & essential oils

  • Relaxation & Meditation with essential oils

  • Oils in the Bedroom

  • Detoxification & Nutrition

  • Essential Oils & Emotions

  • Pain management

  • Essential oils & the big C

  • Depression & anxiety

  • And much more!


Healthy buffet lunch included

Registration begins at 9am.

The event starts at 10am.


To book on to the day click here