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Join our tribe!

Do you dream of one day being able to work not only from home, but anywhere in the world?
Do you already run a holistic, therapeutic or baby business, but feel like a lot of effort goes in for not much reward?
Do you want to manage your working hours to fit around your family and your lifestyle?

Are you ready to join us?  We want to support you to follow your dreams.  As we follow ours.
Be part of a fast growing cause driven business, a company that values everyone from the people growing the plants, right through to those of us who are sharing. 
In doTERRA you really do feel like part of one big team.  Are you a self motivated person, who also likes to feel part of a team?  Are you looking to bring in an income on flexible working hours?  Are you committed to building your own business, in a holistic health field, with oodles of support from us?

doTERRA is a network marketing company that has you achieving your health and financial goals at the core of its culture.  Essential Earth Tribe is one part of the biggest doTERRA team in the UK and we have your health and financial goals at the heart of our culture too.   With access to extensive training and support and with hard work and dedication, you really will be able to change your life

Come on, join our tribe!

Begin with a wholesale account


Even if you are just starting out with the oils, it’s the best option and as a wholesale member you can get a brilliant kit to get you started plus:


  • 25% off all your orders – working up to 55% off on the Loyalty Rewards Programme

  • No minimum order, not quotas and no obligations – it’s just like going to Costco for your oils!

  • You have the opportunity for oodles of education about the products and if you wish, the business – it’s up to you how much you access.

  • The chance to take advantage of the loyalty rewards programme -  which gets you points back that you can spend on products, plus you get the cost of your shipping back in points too.  Seems like a no-brainer hey?!


Getting Your Wholesale account is simple


1. Log in HERE – you will be taken to the place to sign up.


2. Then click JOIN DOTERRA at the bottom and you will then be able to pick your country (you may need to select continent first - such as Europe)

3. Once you’ve selected your country, select “Wholesale Prices” - this gives you the best deal you can get.  

Here you will need to choose Wellness advocate (it should already be selected) this gives you the great prices, the Loyalty Rewards and if you want to, you can join our team to build a business too.


4. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you if you’ve logged in correctly to our virtual office but if not, enter 3668677 in both boxes so we can be there to support you with any queries you may have.


5. Fill out your details including name, address, billing address, shipping address and remaining contact info.

(You don’t need to worry about your Tax ID – if you do decide to join in the business we can cover this later as you start to make money.)


6. Next, you will select your time zone and your own virtual office password.  You will be able to log into your new account to place orders for fabulous products whenever you want to


7. Agree to the basic Terms and Conditions and your Virtual Office User Agreement.


8. Select your initial order, meaning, your £20 Introductory Essential Oil Packet plus the first products you’d like to choose by typing the name of the products into the box in the order.   or by choosing an ENROLMENT KIT – this includes the introductory packet and they are priced to save you even more money.  We like the Home Essentials as the minimum to buy if you want to share the oils with anyone (which is part of the way we build a business in doTERRA).  To check out the kits - take a look here 


9. Set your order to ship now.


10 . You will be asked if you would like to set up your loyalty rewards order – if you are going to order on a regular basis you will definitely want to do this.  However, if you want to have your  FREE Wellness consultation  with us first, then don’t worry about this bit for now;

Ta da!  Your account will be open you will receive an email with your details on, and we will be in contact within 24 hours to get you on your next steps  Your order should be with you within 3 working days and you will be on your way to a fabulous holistic lifestyle!

If you aren't yet ready to enrol and have more questions, then drop us an email 
(Annalie & Eloise) at essentialearthtribe@gmail.com