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doTERRA are the best oils on the market!!  Forget what you might hear from people saying that the oils they have used for years are absolutely fine.  If they aren't doTERRA they aren't the same.   Not the organic ones, not even the ones that have 100% pure on them!  The industry is unregulated, which means that you can buy an oils that has 100% pure on it and it may not always be true.   Fine is not good enough when it comes to your healthcare.

If you aren't sure if they are different, give them a smell - it is obvious. 

doTERRA are better than organic, why?  because even with organic, what happens if something  has leeched in from a neighbouring farm, or a plane has dropped a load of fuel on the crop, something has contaminated the distilling or pressing process  - the farm was certified organic at a point in time,  but the oil itself may not be tested after production to ensure its purity.  And even when it is tested it will not have been through the same in house and independent  testing that each batch of oils goes though with doTERRA (they are so sure of the purity of the oils you can see the test results from each batch here). The testing that doTERRA oils are put through far exceeds that of any other company in the world.   doTERRA oils use the certification CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) to ensure you know that the oils has been through the rigorous testing.

The oils are also sourced in areas where they plant grows to its best, and are harvested when the plants are at their peek, to ensure that the oil you get in the bottle, is the most potent it can be.   Some companies with harvest a plant before the oil is at its peak chemical composition, doTERRA will not. 

doTERRA are also a brilliant company at helping create a sustainable life for those farmers who are producing the crops, and for the families and people in the local area, to ensure they too benefit.
To find out more about the sourcing of the oils and getting them to you check out this website out https://sourcetoyou.com/

Not all oils are created equal!